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Texan Anesthesiology Association provides safe, comprehensive, and reliable office-based anesthesia, in the comfort and convenience of your dentist's or doctor's office. Our team brings the necessary equipment and staff to you, so that you do not have to go to the hospital or surgery center to have your procedure done. This generally represents a large savings in time and money.

We are committed to promoting a culture of the highest quality of anesthesia care for patients in accordance with accreditation standards. Our providers are board-certified, specialized medical doctors, licensed, and credentialed and skilled in all types of anesthesia in all ambulatory settings. They maintain privileges at local hospitals and are leaders in modern and safe anesthesia techniques.


Texan Anesthesiology was the first mobile anesthesia company certified by the Texas Medical Board. Our state of the art monitoring ensures patients are asleep, comfortable, and safe during the entire procedure.


Patients do not have to go to the hospital or surgery center to have the procedure done. This often results in minimized fear of traumatic dental or medical procedure.


Our fee is usually less than the insurance deductible and co-insurance combined if the procedure were done in the hospital or surgery center.

Less time under anesthesia

With our innovative techniques, the anesthesia time (from the start of the anesthesia to the procedure start time) is about one-third of the time compared to the hospitals and surgery centers.


Save up to 6 hours compared to procedure done in hospital or surgery center. Children do not need to be taken out of school for pre-procedure trip to the pediatrician to get Patient History and Physical Forms.

Less complications

While hospitals average about a 30% post-operative nausea and vomiting rates, Texan Anesthesiology averages less than 1% through innovative anesthesia techniques (Department of Anesthesiology, Albany Medical College, Albany, USA, July 2012)

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